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Gatebox - Virtual Home Robot
« : December 19, 2016, 01:02:01 PM »
Gatebox is the world-first virtual home robot with which you can spend
your everyday life with your favorite characters.
To celebrate the Gatebox special advance sale on December, 14th, 2016,
This video showcasing the special charm that Gatebox can bring
forth throughout a single day.



Always by your side
We designed it to feel like it's right beside
you in your everyday life.

Big enough for you to be able to
put right beside you

We designed the Gatebox with the underside being
the perfectly compact size of an A4 piece of paper,
for the purpose of being able to
naturally place on an ordinary desk or table.
Place it discreetly beside you anytime,
and in various places within the room.

A shapened form

So that you can feel like the main character is
always present, no matter where it is in the room,
we removed all unnecessary thrills from it's appearance,
and created a refined, neo-futuristic form.

For the purpose of an interface
between 2 people

It has been refined to operation,
not through a keyboard or controller, but only
a simple, touch button interface centered around
communication with the character.

Even if you become seperated,
it will still be right there
We are developing an app linked to
Gatebox that allows you connect to
your character whenever and wherever you are.
Development is currently underway on
a Gatebox link app to allow you to connect with
it whenever and from wherever.

We included every component necessary
for living together with the character of your choice
in the first model of Gatebox.
With small scale projection technology and
a diverse range of sensors, the character that comes to life
within Gatebox recognises it's owners movements, and moves automatically.