: Difference between AR and VR and AVR (Augmented Virtual Reality)  ( 793 )


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AR vs VR vs (Augmented Virtual Reality or Mixed Reality or Hyper Reality)

Augmented Reality

AR is the integration of digital information with the user's environment in real time. In the AR technology, the user is aware about the real world. The digital information is presented on top the real world object to help the user with digital information. Perfect example will be GPS navigation on the road while walking through the streets.

Virtual Reality

VR is an artificial environment created through computer software and presented to the user to accept it as a real time environment. VR is experienced through sight and sound. With the VR technology, one can experience any type of virtual content or location directly into their eyes by simulating the environment using 3D content or VR video.

Augmented Virtual Reality or Mixed Reality or Hyper Reality

As the name implies, this is a technology mixed with AR and VR. In this technology the user can interact with the real world object as like the AR and also the real world object can interact with visual content. For example: The user can a boxing with visual opponent. The user's movements are tracked through sensors and the visual opponent can respond to the user in the real world.

Mixed Reality device example: Microsoft hololens.