: VR community reactions on the Virtual Technology (Oculus Rift) !!  ( 1763 )


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Davidsolomon Michael Budi Margono · 0:00 #VR hologram like In the ironman movie, move with finger and light hologram VR mode. #perfectVR #oculus we have iPhone, wireless, VR , hologram technology , awesome.

Michael Ferone · 127:16:26 People please keep in mind from where we was 20yrs ago in technology to present day technology. All I'm saying is just be appreciative this is revolutionary I'm happy to still be alive.

Eshan Pal · 126:43:40 I am not wondering.!!!the way the technology is right now and the everything changing so fast in life. So everything is possible with science.

Taniya Singh · 127:14:08 Why dont we create VR enabled sports/ dance/ yoga coaching class. trainer as well as students can do it from anywhere anytime. i can finally loose some weight at my convenience

Jessie Into Hambre · 126:18:58 i can imagine how my grandchildrens in the future be like in next 30 yrs..stays inside the room with all gadgets and touch screens on the wall

Chris Kreece · 4:00:00 Imagine future integrations with WhatsApp and instagram, social gaming and hangouts...even if they say they are not a media company they are big times

Benny Sagra · 24:53 Truly, now the future is here, our world gets smaller, we are becoming like little children seeing the world in the eyes of a little child in all its new vr wonders!

Israel P Roman · 126:18:52 How long until I can scan myself and upload my avatar of myself and through neural link interface interact in real V World; feeling, seeing, touching all senses etc

Syan Khan · 126:52:07 Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixing Reality ... trending towards better virtual world, the world of imagination.. hats off ! wonder who will invest money for a better "Real World"

Michael Ferone · 127:23:41 Just imagine what we really can accomplish if the whole planet had the same technology and opportunities our country and other thriving countries have.

Alejandro DeLoera · 126:34:55 Ok great technoligies, but i think you shoul include to your video transmisions an automatic translator to all languages around the world.

Ciarán Finnegan · 126:47:06 It's funny how the graphics on the games looks like something from the PlayStation, give it 10 more years until vr is litterly gonna be vr!

Bernie D Herrera · 126:53:29 the cool thing is that with that thing on my head...I can't see that thing on my head and mostly I don't care about lkooking cool every minute of my life...not that I ever do anyway