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Carmel Developer Preview is Launched
« : December 20, 2016, 11:13:50 AM »
Source: https://developer.oculus.com/blog/carmel-developer-preview-launches-today/

What Is the VR Web?
The VR Web is a platform comprised of APIs and technologies that enable the creation of VR experiences for the web. VR Web content can include both immersive 3D scenes built with the WebGL and WebVR APIs and enhanced 2D web experiences running in VR. Everything that’s possible today on a desktop or mobile browser should also be possible in VR.

What Is the WebVR API, and How Do I Use it?
WebVR is an evolving API, with early implementations in browsers with different versions and capabilities. Recently, a configuration of the API has crystallized that most major browser vendors believe can reach general availability in mid-2017. The Carmel Developer Preview targets this configuration. All of our samples and documentation explain how to use this version of the API and also where we diverge from it and why.